Cops kept busy in Providence
Holiday crimes included violent incidents

Derek Neary
Northern News Services

FORT PROVIDENCE (Jan 08/99) - RCMP in Fort Providence didn't find any time to relax over the Christmas holidays.

Cpl. Rod Tiller said the high volume of complaints from Dec. 24-26 were a challenge to deal with.

"Over three days I'll tell you, it sure kept us bouncing here," he said "It was just grab your files and go to the next scene."

There were six common assaults, three counts of robbery, a sexual assault, two assaults with weapons, an assault causing bodily harm, two missing persons and three break-ins reported before things began to slow down before the new year.

"I think charges have been laid in just about all of them," Tiller said, adding that the majority of the incidents reportedly involved alcohol.

Among the more horrific crimes, two males, ages 19 and 20, apparently entered a seniors' home in the community on the evening of Dec. 26 and demanded money.

"When their request wasn't met they assaulted an 81-year-old (male) individual," said Tiller, who added that the duo allegedly threatened the other residents.

The elderly man was treated at the hospital for cracked ribs and bruises but was released shortly thereafter.

The accused were apprehended later that evening and charged with robbery and obstruction of justice. The 20-year-old was also charged with robbery for allegedly stealing a snowmobile shortly after the incident in the seniors' home.

The pair have been remanded into custody in Hay River until their Jan. 20 court date in Fort Providence.

In another violent incident, one individual struck another across the face with a beer bottle.

The Fort Providence RCMP detachment is also seeking information on a purse snatching that occurred on a street on Dec. 25 at approximately 3 a.m.