Hit and run kills dog
Pet's owner concerned for children's safety

Karen Lander
Northern News Services

NNSL (Dec 16/98) - Last Thursday an unidentified snowmobiler struck and killed a seven-month old-cocker spaniel -- a death the pet's owner is calling a "deliberate and malicious act."

The unknown driver roared through Con Road at approximately 7:30 p.m.

The dog's owner, Lisa Macdonald, a childcare provider and also a mother of three was distraught after witnessing the incident. Macdonald was so distraught, she wrote a letter to the Yellowknifer.

"From where I was standing," wrote Macdonald, "it appeared that the person driving the Ski-Doo purposely swerved closer to the curb so that a hit was possible. There was no slowing down, and he didn't even have the decency to stop. On an early evening like that, one of the children could've been hit, had it happened two minutes later."

The purebred, bought in Edmonton two months ago, was named Pepsi. Macdonald says her three children Katlyn, five, Jennifer, four, and Shawna, two, were looking forward to having their first Christmas with their new puppy.

"Watching the spark of innocence fade from their eyes as I gave them the bad news, and seeing first hand, the lesson that they learned about life and death at a very young age would break anyone's heart. I sure hope you accumulated what you sought so aggressively," wrote Macdonald of the driver.

"I am aware that accidents do happen (but) this is a deliberate and malicious act."

Macdonald told Yellowknifer she thinks that it may help if there was a stop sign or even to lower the speed limit to avoid future accidents. When they relocate to Alberta next spring, the Macdonald's plan on getting a new pooch. Anyone having information about this incident is asked to call the police.