Local artists on the Net
Web sites designed to raise profiles

Derek Neary
Northern News Services

FORT SIMPSON (Sep 04/98) - Three Deh Cho artists are dabbling in a new medium -- the Internet.

Sean Whelly, Fort Simpson's economic development officer, created Web sites for carver Michael Pellissey, painter Tonya Makletzoff and carver/sculptor Floyd Grossetete. The pages highlight their artistic talents and provide some personal background.

"All of my work from a year ago is all on the Internet and it looks real good," said Wrigley-born Pellissey, who added that Whelly approached him months ago about the idea of free exposure with no advertising. "Sean's a genius."

Whelly hooked them up via GeoCities which provides free Web sites -- with a couple of minor drawbacks. Their Web addresses are cumbersome and advertisements pop up as soon as you visit. They can, however, be eliminated with a single, simple click of the mouse.

"To me the neat thing is that it shows that you don't need any money to get on the Internet," said Whelly, adding that these "starter" sites could one day lead to more intricate commercial sites as these artists receive further acclaim.

He suggested that they can include the Internet links on their business cards to help establish contacts. It's easier to refer someone to a Web site than to e-mail them a huge graphic, Whelly said.

Pellissey, who works with ivory, moose-hide, buffalo horn and soapstone, specializes in eagles, hence the title for his Web site: Deh Cho Eagles. His site can be reached at www.geocities.com/soho/atrium/9923.

Tonya Makletzoff, Fort Simpson, has several of her paintings on display at Mukluksoff Masterpieces, as well as The Eye of the Tiger playing in the background. Her Web address is www.geocities.com/soho/1151.

Grossetete's "FWG Sculptures" gives viewers a sample of his work, some of which has been sold internationally. His site is www.geocities.com/soho/atrium/8761.

The artists' sites all have counters to record the number of "hits" or visitors and guest books so others can leave comments if they choose. As well, they are all linked to the Fort Simpson web site and vice-versa.