Status quo a no go
Yk prepares submission on boundaries

Arthur Milnes
Northern News Services

NNSL (Sep 04/98) - Four MLAs is not enough.

That's the message Yellowknife Mayor Dave Lovell says the city will be sending to the NWT Electoral Boundaries Commission.

City councillors have now submitted their views on Yellowknife's representation in the post-division NWT legislative assembly to city staff. This will be compiled and sent on to the commission today.

On Wednesday, Lovell said all the councillors who submitted briefs were generally of the same mind.

"The proposals (from councillors) ranged from one more seat for Yellowknife, to two more seats, to one (new MLA each) for Ndilo and Dettah," he said.

It is also the mayor's view that an extra seat each for Ndilo and Dettah would work for everyone involved. The two communities and the city, he said, often share similar concerns and needs.

Lovell also said inserting a separate aboriginal government system within the new legislature doesn't make sense when one considers the reality of self-government deals on the horizon.

"The special status would be fine if there was no aboriginal self-government," he said.

"Given that they (aboriginal people) have other protections, I think rep(resentation) by pop(ulation) would work."

The commission, led by NWT Supreme Court Justice Virginia Schuler, is currently in the midst of public hearings. Submissions are being heard from at least one community in each of the west's 14 current ridings.

It will be travelling to Dettah Sept. 23 for hearings and then on to Yellowknife for two meetings.

Commissioners must hand in their report to the legislative assembly next month.

The deadline for submissions from the public is Sept. 25.