Plan of action
Non-commercial vessels to be removed from Yellowknife wharf by Oct. 15, Coast Guard official says

Darren Campbell
Northern News Services

NNSL (Sep 25/98) - Users of the Yellowknife federal government wharf should start to see some action down there real soon.

Ross MacDonald, director of the Arctic office of the Coast Guard, said his department has already made some plans to solve the problems at the wharf.

"All debris and vehicles have to be moved as soon as possible," said MacDonald.

MacDonald added that all non-commercial vessels will have to be removed from the wharf before Oct. 15. If the vessels are too big to be stored locally, the owner will be asked to contact the acting property manager of public works and government services.

On Sept. 16, 35 people attended a public meeting hosted by the Coast Guard. The meeting was intended to get feedback from the users about what guidelines they would like to see put in place at the wharf.

The wharf hasn't been properly managed in years and abandoned vehicles and debris have piled up there. Some of that debris ranges from a crane, to fuel drums, and waste oils. Ownership of the wharf was recently transferred from Transport Canada to the Coast Guard.

MacDonald said the wharf will be managed properly by the time people put their boats back in the water in 1999.

"Over the winter we will look at all the input and come up with some guidelines and come up with a wharf manager," said MacDonald.