Beer brewers say sorry
Molson apologizes for offending Yellowknifers

by Kerry McCluskey
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 10/98) - One of Canada's largest beer companies says they're sorry if they offended city residents.

Referring to an Ontario-based campaign for Molson Export, a brand of beer currently not available in the NWT, the Ontario Manager of Marketing Communications says it was not her company's goal to offend anybody with their limited coaster and newspaper campaign.

"We certainly did not mean to insult anybody. The campaign was done in a tongue-in-cheek manner and we apologize to anyone who might have been insulted," says Michelle Robichaud speaking of a beer coaster that asks the following question: "Your date turns out to be a bodybuilder from Yellowknife. What do you do?"

The person reading the coaster has three choices but is supposed to pick the third answer which reads, "Compliment her on her physique and ask her if she's got any tips." It goes on to say that "If you answered c), treat yourself to the bigger taste of ale."

Robichaud says the campaign was meant to be light and to convey the message that having the courage to make the right decision deserves a reward. She adds that MacLaren-McCann, the advertising company that put together the campaign, did not have a motive behind targeting Yellowknife or bodybuilders.

"It was for no particular reason. What we were trying to do was talk about different, interesting situations that call for you to make the right decision. It was about guts and honesty and an unusual situation someone might come across. The best answer was C," says Robichaud.

"The woman that was depicted was a nice looking, muscular bodybuilder. We weren't going with anything that was less than attractive and we appreciate the work that's put into getting into such great shape."

Kelly Greening is satisfied with Molson Breweries' apology.

"That's acceptable. I'm glad I could have enlightened them," says Greening who told xxxYellowknifer in last Friday's edition that she was angered by the campaign because it was sexist and had negative connotations about women bodybuilders.

"I'm sure they'll think about it a little more before they do their next set of coasters."

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