Acting to save energy
RWED produces commercials to promote energy conservation

by Anne-Marie Jennings
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 01/98) - The Department of Economic Development isn't happy about that, and is producing a series of commercials to help reduce energy consumption in the territories.

A series of nine commercials will be produced over the next few months, and will be broadcast on CBC North and TVNC on a staggered basis.

"The commercials are designed to teach people how to use energy the right way," director Greg Hancock said.

Hancock, who also works as a media specialist for the department, added that the commercials are designed to make people think about energy consumption and how they can reduce the amount of energy they use.

The commercials feature Gord (Brian Collins) and Doris (Gillian Dawe), a couple who are not too careful about the amount of energy they are using on a regular basis. The couple talk to a character named Jim, who is in fact the camera.

The commercials were written by Yellowknife writer John Miya, and all members of the cast and crew are from Yellowknife.

While Gord and Doris are always in the wrong, Jim knows how to save energy and shows people how they can learn to conserve more energy.

The latest installment in the adventures of Gord and Doris is the third to be filmed, and assistant Ross

Burnet said that finding the location of the most recent shoot was fairly easy -- the house in the commercial is Hancock's home.

"We picked this house because it has a look which could be anywhere," Burnet explained. "It could be found in any community in the North."

Burnet added that the commercials are fast-paced, filmed all in one shot and use fast-moving action and quick dialogue.

"The more entertainment value of the commercials, the more likely people are to be influenced by it," he said.

The series of commercials will begin airing on television in the North later this year.

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