Multimedia mistress
Former Calgarian hired to design Web sites and corporate images

by Jeff Colbourne
Northern News Services

NNSL (Feb 27/98) - Tucked away quietly in Frame Lake among the snowdrifts on Nahanni Drive is Great Slave Graphics.

The driving force behind this reworked company is Deb Hamilton, a new Northerner with a passion for designing.

She designs just about anything from business signs to educational Web sites.

"I love it. Every day I'm learning," says Hamilton in her office, which she shares with co-worker Pete Harding.

Hamilton says she has been hired to help fill a business niche brought on by advancement in the multimedia field in the North.

Great Slave Graphics, formerly Great Slave Graphic Signs Ltd., started looking for someone to develop and manage a multimedia side of the company early last year.

They approached Hamilton while she was still in school at the Multimedia Training Centre in Calgary.

"The school kind of felt a lot of positions that were in Calgary were entry-level positions and they thought I'd be bored with that I guess," Hamilton says, adding that she thought it would be an exciting opportunity and a boost to her career to come up North and work.

Since moving to Yellowknife last July, she has been kept busy doing a number of projects with Great Slave Graphics, including the design for an Internet board game directed at young people.

The Big River board game is a re-creation of Alexander Mackenzie's trip up the Mackenzie River.

The user rolls a virtual die and lands on different squares that could lead you to a maze, a word search or a look into Mackenzie's journal to reveal details about his journey.

Each roll allows the user to interact with the game.

Besides the game, Hamilton, assisted by Harding, has worked on a number of signage and corporate image projects.

"I did the Rose and Thistle logo. Just recently I did the North Country Horse Stables, designed their logo, the Oldtimers Hockey Association. We did signwork for BHP and I designed our own logo. It's simple but we like it," says Hamilton.

"I feel pretty lucky that I've gone as far as I have at such a young age. But I also can't see it any other way," said the 28-year-old.