Speeding focus for bylaw
Foster wants to reduce incidence of speeding in Inuvik

by Glenn Taylor
Northern News Services

INUVIK (Nov 28/97) - If you have a heavy foot while driving, perhaps it's time to cool your heels.

Town bylaw officer Daryle Foster said he's seeing far too much speeding on Inuvik roads these days. Foster hands out about 10 to 15 tickets per month for speeding.

What really concerns Foster, however is that -- on and off duty -- he sees about 30 or 40 vehicles topping the speed limit every day.

"Speeding increases the risk for injury and property damage," said Foster. "I'm hoping to change attitudes, and get people to stop speeding."

Foster has approached town council to purchase a new radar gun. He hopes a new radar gun will allow for more tickets, to help in his plan to deter speeders.

The bylaw officer's current radar gun works all right, he said, but its geriatric computer processor takes so long to process information that often speeders have reduced their speed to legal levels by the time the gun registers the vehicle's speed.

The highest speeding ticket Foster has issued this year was for someone driving 110 km/h in a 55 km/h zone. Amazingly, that was for driving within town limits.