Charitable gift
Storefront encouraging people to donate to Northern charities

by Jeff Colbourne
Northern News Services

NNSL (Nov 28/97) - It's the ultimate alternative Christmas gift -- a tax-refundable donation to your favorite charity.

Maureen Regel, a spokesperson for Storefront for Volunteer Agencies, is encouraging Northerners to consider Northern charitable organizations for donations this Christmas rather than bigger, southern agencies.

"We want to take the opportunity and remind people that there are equally important charities in the North," said Regel on Wednesday.

A pamphlet available at Storefront lists more than 100 Northern charities registered and recognized by Revenue Canada.

So, come tax time, pending receipts applicants should have no trouble making a claim.

Storefront hopes to assist more Northern charities and donors in establishing long-term relationships and keeping more donations in the North, she said.

Any donation will help keep programs and services that charities and agencies currently provide going in the North.

This time of year, Regel said, it's difficult competing for funds because southern charities often blitz communities by mail, attract interest from residents and leave few dollars for lower-profile, local agencies.