Injured raven
still can't fly

by Ian Elliot
Northern News Services

NNSL (Nov 19/97) - Gumby the injured raven is getting around a little more, even if it's not entirely on his own steam.

The raven, which was taken in by the Maund family in Old Town after they discovered it with a broken wing in early October, is being taken for regular exercise as part of a rehabilitation regime and even got out in the family pickup last week.

It was taken to the dump to see other members of its species which gather there, even though it could not fly away with them.

"We were letting him see his pals at the dump," explained Amy Maund, 13, who has become the raven's chief care-giver.

"He was pretty good in the truck."

The raven, who lives in a cage at the Maund's home, also gets regular walks using an improvised harness that fits around him and protects his injured wing. The bird can move its wing, she says, but it is not yet strong enough to support its weight in the air.

"He can flap his wing and use it to glide, but he can't fly yet," she said.

It is still too early to tell if the broken wing will heal to the point where the bird can fly again, she said. If it does heal the bird will be released to rejoin its wild friends. If it doesn't heal, then another home will have to be found for him, she said.

Amy says that while walking him, groups of ravens have circled overhead to watch.

The raven does not peck or nip in an aggressive way, she noted, but as a natural mimic, the bird can kick up an impressive racket when it chooses to.