Roll 'em up
Mildred Hall students collect $2,000 in coins for UNICEF

by Ian Elliot
Northern News Services

NNSL (Nov 14/97) - They collected money, they made posters, passed out bookmarks and made a wishing well where students could pitch coins.

Then they counted, rolled and finally delivered all the money they raised.

The end result was a $2,000 charitable donation from the Grade 5 class at Mildred Hall school in the cause of UNICEF, the United Nations agency that distributes the money to humanitarian causes overseas. The class ran the school's campaign this year.

Customers at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce saw the unusual donation being made on Thursday morning, when the class trooped in, their pockets sagging from the weight of the coins they had collected at the school and through UNICEF boxes on Halloween night.

The fundraising campaign took place at the school leading up to the campaign, as students did things like show movies for other students, charging them $1 to attend.

It took two weeks for students to count and roll all the small change, but on Thursday they filled out a deposit slip for $1,973.50, and there are still boxes which have yet to come in and be counted, which should push the total above $2,000.