Lee wants inquiry
Facing numerous criminal charges, man calls himself "victim of the century"

by P.J. Harston
Northern News Services

NNSL (Sep 05/97) - Calling himself the "victim of the century," Wing Lee is demanding a government inquiry into how RCMP handled an investigation that led to some 40 sex, pornography, gambling and weapons charges being laid against him.

The demand comes on the heels of an appeal from Arlene Hache, executive director of the Yellowknife Women's Centre, to the solicitor general of Canada.

Hache has twice called for a public inquiry into possible political involvement in illegal activities at the Gold Range Hotel, where Lee was arrested in May.

"I cannot find any reason that they (the RCMP) have to frame an innocent-Chinese-good-man like me," said Lee in one of a series of letters to Yellowknifer.

"When they end up like this, I certainly need the government to do something special independent investigation ... to clear up this matter."

"I am the true victim of the century."

The last charge laid against Lee by police came last month when he was charged with trafficking a narcotic.

Lee says police framed him following what he believes was a botched drug raid on his three-room Gold Range hotel residence in late May.

That residence included a room police say was filled with 1,300 home-made dirty movies and another room that served as the headquarters for the Five Aces Social Club's poker games.

Police maintain they raided Lee's residence as part of a three-month investigation into gambling activities and stumbled upon the allegedly pornographic video tapes.

Lee was in court Wednesday facing weapons and gambling charges. He remains in police custody while lawyers determine if and when trials into all of his charges will go ahead.