Turbot timeline

April 7, 1997 Fisheries Minister Fred Mifflin announces that turbot quotas in the Davis Strait will be raised from 5,500 to 6,600 metric tonnes, contrary to advice from the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board and federal departmental scientists.
May 6 NTI initiates court action against the DFO over turbot quotas
July 14 Federal Court sets aside Mifflin's original decision, saying it was not in keeping with the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement.
July 16 NWMB provides the new minister, David Anderson, with advice regarding management of turbot in Davis Strait, including:

* Davis Strait quota must be lowered from 6,600 to 5,500 tonnes.

* Nunavut share should rise to 50 percent, or 2,750 tonnes. This share should rise to 80 percent by 1999.

* DFO issue two Atlantic groundfish licences to Nunavut fishers.
Aug. 6 Anderson tells NWMB saying he intended to bring back last year's quotas and agrees to lower the Canadian quotas to 5,500 tonnes. He indicated he would not issue a groundfish licence to Nunavut fishers.
Aug. 11 NWMB responds, stating it is not satisfied with the proposed allocations.
Aug. 15 Anderson replies, outlining his final decision. No changes had been made since the Aug. 6 letter.
Aug. 19 DFO issues a notice of allocations in the Davis Strait fishery, with allocation totalling 5,867 tonnes.
Sept. 10 NTI returns to court to fight appeal made by the DFO over the July 14 court decision and oppose Aug. 6 quota decision.