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Site approval on fast track

NNSL (Sep 10/97) - Opponents of building on Twin Pine Hill are being pushed to the sidelines by city hall.

Council's written answers, or rulings, to concerns expressed at a June 23 public hearing were not available until the start of the Monday's meeting of council.

"I'm really disgusted," said Leslie Green of council's decision to proceed with the site without first giving residents a chance to respond to the rulings.

Green made a presentation at the June hearing, noting development of the hill conflicts with the city's main planning documents.

"The time everybody has spent since 1989 putting together those documents has been wasted time. The hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on them has been wasted money," she said.

"I am really astounded at how this council really does not listen to what the people have to say."

The rulings Green picked up when she arrived at the meeting were the only responses she has received from council since the hearing.

Presentations and delegations, the part of council meetings where the public can have its say, are among the first orders of business at each council meeting.

Green learned through word of mouth at 9 p.m. that the matter was to be dealt with that night.