Poison alert
Keeping your home safe

by Cheryl Leschasin
Northern News Services

NNSL (Aug 08/97) - Across Canada, the rate of hospitalization due to poisoning for children under the age of 19 was 62.5 per 100,000 people.

Deputy fire chief Mike Lowing said the figures in Yellowknife are much the same. "We are fairly consistent with the national average," he said.

Sadly, all poisoning deaths and injuries are preventable. "Poisoning is one of the easiest things to prevent," said Lowing. "If you secure chemicals properly, it won't be an issue."

There are three main types of poisoning: plants, medications and compounds or cleaners.

For all three types, Lowing suggest one simple procedure to keep poisons away from your child. "Secure the hazard or remove the hazard."

If you have solvents, paints, cleaners or other hazardous chemicals or medication, be sure they are locked up or disposed of properly.

Homeowners can bring unused or unwanted chemicals to the city landfill, where they can be properly stored and disposed of.

Businesses can contact the fire department for instruction on the disposal of chemicals.

Use a locking cabinet in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, laundry room and anywhere else you store chemicals.