Beating the heat

by Ric Stryde
Northern News Services

NNSL (Aug 08/97) - Is it hot enough for you? That famous phrase some people like to ask everyone on a hot day was probably getting a fair bit of mileage Tuesday, when Yellowknife had one of it's hottest days so far this summer.

With the mercury climbing to above 30 C, hundreds of Yellowknifers fled their homes and, in some cases their jobs, to catch some sun at Long Lake beach.

"You can't take my picture 'cause I'm supposed to be at work,'" said one man, who asked not to be named.

Another man, Darryl Brissette, went out with his wife, Nora, because it was something their daughter wanted to do. They decided to sit in the shade, though. "It's too hot under the sun," he said.

Ruari Carthew hit the beach for the first time this month, along with some friends of his. "Some volleyball, some sunshine, maybe some water," were his reasons for making the trek to the beach.

Some were there for other reasons. Cheryl Parker said "Ask Adam, he's here to pick up chicks." Her friend, Adam McKay, laughed, and then quietly agreed.

Tuesday was a hot, clear and beautiful day, so Andrea Treeshin said she decided to learn how to swim.

The heat and to work on a tan had to be the most popular reasons for being at the beach on a Tuesday afternoon.

"It's too hot out, there was nothing else to do," said Sinead Kelly, who took her nieces to the beach for the afternoon.

Margaret Bell was there "'cause I'm not working today, and I'm too white."

Jordon Hawes was there for the same reason -- "To get some sun into me, it's vacation."

No matter the reason for heading to Long Lake beach, one thing was certain to those who were there ... it was hot enough.