Yellowknife's best beans
Coffee shops are taking the south by storm, but who's leading the way up here?

by Ric Stryde
Northern News Services

NNSL (Aug 01/97) - Yellowknifers have spoken. They say the best coffee in town can be found at the new Javaroma in the NorthwesTel tower.

In an informal survey Wednesday afternoon, Yellowknifer asked 150 people on the street where the city's best coffee is.

"It used to be the Yellowknife Inn," said Therese Sangris, looking over to the empty lot where the Miner's Mess used to be at the corner of Franklin Avenue and 50th Street.

Of the places that are currently in operation, the Javaroma franchises took the top two spots where Yellowknifers go to sip on a cup o' Joe.

Some people said that they liked Javaroma's coffee because it has a fresh taste. Others said it must be good if it's "Seattle's best."

"I don't like Tim Hortons," said Brian Macdonald. Maybe so, but most don't seem to agree. The Canadian coffee and doughnut shop giant wins the bronze, according to Yellowknife's downtown crowd.

Steven Banic, a frequent patron of coffee shops in the city, said that he didn't like L'attitudes' coffee because it's too bitter. For him, Ryan's Restaurant has the best blend in town,

Two women disagreed, as they walked into L'attitudes for a lunchtime coffee. "I think L'attitudes has the best," said one.

And then there are those who aren't satisfied with any of the coffee in town. Sixteen people said that they make the best themselves, and four others said their significant other makes the best they can find anywhere around here.

One man said that he wasn't sure yet, but he was going to get one "right now," as he got out of his car with dusty Saskatchewan licence plates.

Yellowknifers must prefer to pay for quality, because both Javaromas offered their small sizes for $1.50, with no free refills.

Grandma Lee's also offered their smalls at $1.50, but they give a second fill-up for free.

The cheapest coffee given as anybody's favorite is Circle K's, where the second-smallest size goes for 85 cents.

If that's too far to go for a cheap cup, Reddi Mart sells their second-smallest for 93 cents.

Businesses and home brews aren't all the rave, though. One firefighter said he can enjoy his favorite blend for free -- at the firehall.