'Robin Hood' fined $200

by Jennifer Pritchett
Northern News Services

NNSL (Aug 15/97) - A man who stole steaks to feed his poor friends on Sunday has been ordered to pay a $200 fine.

Darwin Chalifoux of Yellowknife told the court on Tuesday that he took the $69 in prime meat so his friends could have food.

Chalifoux, representing himself, pleaded guilty to the charge.

"They have no jobs or money," he said of his friends.

Chief territorial Judge Robert Halifax, however, told him the action was a criminal offence, adding that people don't eat steak if they can't afford it.

"What were you going to do -- be Robin Hood and save them?" he asked.

But Chalifoux didn't acknowledge the wrong he had done. Instead, he maintained that he had read an article by a priest in a newspaper that it was OK to steal from big stores.

To that, Halifax replied that it was Chalifoux who would have to suffer the consequences of breaking the law, not the priest.