New politician on the beat
Dowdall expected to represent PC Party

by Jennifer Pritchett
Northern News Services

NNSL (May 02/97) - For Bob Dowdall, the campaign trail is not a well-trodden path.

As the only known candidate seeking the nomination at Saturday's Tory convention, Dowdall is expected to be the face of the Progressive Conservative Party for the Western Arctic.

Dowdall is a long-time Yellowknifer who has wanted to get into the political scene for the past 20 years. Now, he says, the time is right.

"I believe in smaller governments, smarter spending, better communication with aboriginal groups and more openness in government -- less close-door meetings, less manipulation," he said.

Dowdall is a Metis who spent the early part of his life in North Bay, Ont.

He came to the North 20 years ago and has worn many hats since that time.

He's had 18 years experience in the mining industry, 10 with the GNWT, and five in small business, and currently owns an employment recruiting firm.

He's also been president of Northern Addictions Services, spent a term with the Yellowknife Youth Justice committee, and has many years of minor and recreational hockey experience under his belt.

Admittedly not a great orator, Dowdall said he got into politics because of his passion and desire to change the ways things are.

Dowdall also said he believes that now is the right time for him to get in on the action.

"I believe in the platform of (Tory Leader Jean) Charest as a credible one," he said. "The most compelling thing that convinced me is that the platform is doable."

The fact that the plan is being touted as holding the promise of creating one million jobs holds high credibility with Dowdall.