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The Northwest what?

It seems the folks at the Reform Party's Ottawa office have forgotten or don't know the difference between the NWT and Yukon.

Come to think of it, one would wonder if they know the NWT exists.

In a list of candidates already selected or ridings with upcoming nomination meetings, every part of the country received mention except the NWT.

Under the ubiquitous title of "The North" a Yukon candidate is listed. Period.

Perhaps the Reform leadership believes the NWT is a city in Quebec?

Grab a hammer

Mary Beth Levan, Western Arctic candidate for the New Democrats, had no problems getting through a Wednesday press conference, despite the fact that tools, paint and sawhorses were the preferred decor at headquarters.

Still undergoing HQ renovations, NDPers were kind enough to offer up chairs for reporters to sit on. Good thing, the paint cans didn't look too comfortable.

Well-oiled machine

While contending campaigns languish in low gear, operation Ethel is slipping into overdrive.

On Wednesday, the same day the NDP launched its campaign and before the Reformers and PCs had even announced their contenders, Ethel Blondin-Andrew was on a tour of the South Slave that started the day before in Hay River.

Blondin-Andrew toured Enterprise, lunched with members of the community then returned to Hay River to attend a graduation ceremony.

She flew back to Yellowknife for dinner and spent the evening going door-to-door. It's not hard to tell which one's the incumbent.

Election info

If anyone has any questions about the upcoming election and its procedures, you can call the local elections office at 920-8100.

Or, if you'd rather make your enquiries in person, the office is located in the Northway Building behind the post office. The office is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Pat McMahon, Yellowknife's former mayor, is the returning officer for the Western Arctic.

On the trail

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