Election Notebook

Evoy endorses NDP

The New Democrats have the NWT Federation of Labor's support for this election, says president Jim Evoy.

"I can't say as an organization we're promising the votes of the 10,000 workers we represent," Evoy said.

Last election the Federation didn't officially come out in favor of anyone. But, said Evoy, after eight and a half years of the Tories and three and a half years of the Liberals, "we're going backwards instead of forwards ... and we (Federation of Labor) have to speak up now for the disenfranchised and those who aren't represented by the interests of big corporations."

The NDP's platform based on job creation and the protection of both the health-care and education systems is one that is in accordance with the aims of Evoy and the federation.

Running, walking, driving for votes

Coming this weekend to a doorbell near you ... a candidate!

Western Arctic candidates are taking it to the streets of Yellowknife or, in Wally Firth's case, Inuvik, Arctic Red River and Fort McPherson this weekend

They'll be continuing that good ol' election tradition known as canvassing in hopes of catching some last-minute converts.

Some will be doing it so a little louder than others.

"On Saturday morning we're having a parade down Franklin Avenue," Ethel Blondin-Andrew's executive assistant, Wayne Walsh said.

Starting in Frame Lake at 11 a.m. and ending at Blondin-Andrew's campaign headquarters, the Liberal incumbent and her supporters will proceed down the city's main drag in a procession of cars, trucks and other wagons.

Her itinerary for Sunday has yet to be confirmed.

A more low-key approach includes vehicles of the "two feet and a heartbeat" kind will be driven by the other candidates Saturday and Sunday.

In a show of support for Yellowknife youth and their families, Tory Bob Dowdall will be campaigning at the Yellowknife Invitational Track Meet going on this Friday and Saturday at William McDonald school.

Maybe spectators will get a chance to help Dowdall run for office -- literally.

Pizza, TV and friends

Once the polls close at 7:30 p.m. Monday night, chances are the candidates won't be tuning in to Monday Night Football.

Waiting with bated breath and crossed toes, all eyes and ears will be anxiously tuned into the polling results being broadcast nationally. (Is MuchMusic continuing its distinguished and Genie award-winning election night coverage this time around?).

Just where the candidates and supporters will be tuned in depends on your budget and your platform.

Sticking close to home and the commonfolk, supporters and detractors alike are welcome to join the following at their campaign headquarters to watch the media and political zoo known as election night.

Tory Bob Dowdall, New Democrat Mary Beth Levan and Reformer Mike Watt are all gathering at their campaign offices.

Unless you want to fly up to Fort McPherson, Yellowknifers will have to wait to congratulate or console independent Wally Firth's hand.

Each candidate has a channel of choice to see their futures televised on.

It's CBC ("of course") down at the NDP office. CBC again at Watt's Yellowknife office -- "It's the only channel we got," campaign manager Sandy Holmes sighs.

And talk about having your pizza and eating it too! Satisfy your craving for seeing your vote in action and pizza all in one go with Ethel. From 8 p.m. onwards, Blondin-Andrew will be at Boston Pizza on 49th Street.

Vital info

Polling stations open across the territories Monday at 7:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m. Here in the Yellowknife area, the three stations are in Ndilo at the Chekoa Education Centre, the Yellowknife Community Arena and the gym at Sir John Franklin High School.

If you need transportation to and from your polling station call any one of the following campaign offices to arrange a time and pick-up spot.

* Ethel Blondin-Andrew: 669-7664

* Bob Dowdall: 669-7670

* Mary Beth Levan: 669-9351

Firth and Watt do not have transportation-assistance plans.

For those of you who don't know whether you're on the Elections Canada voter's list or not, and you want to exercise your democratic muscle, call Elections Canada at 920-8100. You can register at the polls.

Tune in to witness democracy in action

Election results will be broadcast on the following stations shortly after the polls close on Monday night:

* CBC Radio will begin blanket coverage as soon as the first results are available and continue until all results are in. Every 10 minutes to the hour, an aboriginal-language summary will be broadcast.

* CKLB radio plans to provide election-night coverage as soon as the polls close. Aboriginal-language coverage will also be provided.

* CJCD news director Holly Fitzpatrick says unfortunately they won't be covering election night. But listeners can tune in the morning after to hear post-election comments from the four losers and the big winner.

Televised election coverage will begin soon after the polls close on both CBC North and CTV.

And, of course, don't forget to grab Wednesday's Yellowknifer for a complete recap of election night results, complete with photos, interviews and all the numbers we can muster.