Election Notebook

Red light district Talk about hitting the pavement to drum up support. Independent candidate Wally Firth was spotted in his mobile campaign office on the weekend using every opportunity to talk to voters. While stopping for a red light on Franklin Avenue Sunday, Firth was seen talking through his window to the people stopped beside him at the light. That's making the most of your time on the road. Hot diggity The Western Arctic NDP team was out in full force Sunday at the city's annual garage sale by the Ruth Inch pool. Candidate Mary Beth Levan and her team were serving up hot dogs and other goodies with proceeds going to the Yellowknife Womens' Centre. Judging by the number of people who wanted to put something in their tummies, the centre likely received a healthy donation. So far, so good An official with the Reform Party said things are looking better for the party this election compared to the last one. There is more money from a wider variety of contributors flowing in and generally more acceptance of the Reform platform this time around, the notebook was told. The incumbent still scores an easy win in the fundraising race, though. Malfunction The notebook helped keep the phone lines at the Elections Canada office busy last week. It seems some incorrect information appeared about the advanced polls. The notebook regrets the error and hopes the calls weren't too condemning.