Rae gets a bus link
New service operates twice a day during weekdays

by Nancy Gardiner
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 07/97) - The Rae-Edzo Friendship Centre has purchased a Greyhound coach to provide services to and from Yellowknife.

A daily bus service, carrying both passengers and freight between the two communities now runs Monday to Friday.

Garry Hubert, executive director of the friendship centre, says the new service gives the community five-times-a-week mail service instead of the old three times a week.

It also gives community stores fresher dairy products, produce and meat, he says. Bank deposits can also be made on the runs and same-day courier services are available.

Yellowknife passenger pick-ups are at the Yellowknife Direct Charge Co-op, Wal-Mart, Yellowknife Inn, Extra Foods, Hospital, Canadian Tire and Kentucky Fried Chicken, says Hubert.

"Due to funding cutbacks, we found it necessary to look at alternative means in raising funds," says Hubert. "We're trying to get away from bingos."

The friendship centre is a non-profit organization, but Hubert says part of the centre's mandate is to provide services to the community.

The bus is under a three-year lease agreement for $54,000, says Hubert. It can accommodate 32 passengers and about 10,000 kilograms of freight.

The bus is being run under the name Rae-Edzo Passenger Freight Service Company. It's 100 per cent owned and run by the friendship centre.