What to do...
There must be something?

by Nathan Pitre
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 30/97) - During this time of year when the seasons are changing, people's activities and routines change as well. For many their change is from indoor to outdoor activities.

There are many activities that you could be doing right now as we speak. If you like watching a good movie, you should head downtown to the theatre. Or if you would rather, go out and pick up a couple of your old favorites on video.

Maybe you like things to keep you in shape. Well, there are many options for you.

You could go down to one of the local gyms and pump some iron. Build up those biceps. You could also go outside for a nice run. Or jump on your mountain bike and hit the trails. The choices are endless.

Some of you who are interested in reading may be quite content just heading to the library and choosing one of the many mystery novels to read. You might be very surprised what you could find at the library. I know the word "library" scares some of you away.

While we are on the topic of the library, remember all of the homework you have to do? You may want to choose to work on it for a little while. Study for an upcoming test. Finish that important project that was due last week.

But let's not think too much about school. If you enjoy hockey I guess your nights are filled with an awful lot of watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. Remember not to count out the underdogs. You'll be surprised what will happen in the end.

If you have access to a vehicle maybe you will choose to hit the roads. Remember you must have a valid driver's license to do this. Bring some friends along for the ride. Make sure you have a full tank of gas though -- it's no fun being stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank.

While you are doing any activity, remember to have lots of fun.