Winter training exercise

by Nathan Pitre
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 02/97) - This past week, the 2837 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps was busy learning about winter camping and winter survival. It was all a part of their training.

The week started with a full day of training on care and maintenance of snowmobiles. The cadets put this knowledge to good use later on in the week.

During the second day of training, the cadets participated in classes covering maps and compass use. They also learned about proper radio procedures and maintenance of the radios in the winter. The cadets spent time learning about teamwork and discipline in winter situations.

Winter survival was another important aspect of their training. The class dealt with proper clothing to wear and how to build improvised shelters.

They were shown how to make a proper survival kit and each cadet had a chance to make their own, to use in case of emergency.

The third day of the exercise the cadets moved to Long Lake from the Giant Mine Rec Hall via snowmobile. It was quite a trip. The officers from the cadets corps drove the snowmobiles while cadets and some equipment were hauled behind in sleds.

The next day the corps had some fun doing relay races pulling a 10-person tent group, while wearing snowshoes. The tent group consisted of the necessary equipment for a group of cadets to set up a proper winter camp.

This includes a tent, a stove and a lantern. Shovels and saws are also in the sled.

A race took place to see which team of cadets could put up a five-person tent properly in the fastest time and in winter conditions.

The cadets patrolled the campground and tested their skills on radio procedures and teamwork. While on patrol the cadets built quincies. This is a type of winter shelter easily built with snow.

The final day of the exercise was busy because all issued and personal clothing and equipment had to be cleaned and packed away.

The week-long exercise was a lot of fun for the participating cadets. It was a good time for the cadets to practise skills which will come in handy later in their cadet career and later in life.

If you enjoy the outdoors and learning skills such as leadership and teamwork, and you are 12 to 19, cadets may be the group for you. If so, the Army Cadets have their weekly parades Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Giant Mine rec hall.