Aviators want fuel cost breakdown
NATA wants float planes to carry properly-secured external loads

by Nancy Gardiner
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 21/97) - Northern aviators spoke on the health of the industry last week.

Don Douglas, a spokesman for the Northern Air Transport Association (NATA) says teamwork will continue between organizations that have an interest in aviation, especially since financial resources continue to dwindle.

Members of the association are concerned about availability and cost of aviation fuel in northern communities.

And they want the government to provide a detailed breakdown of fuel costs in each community, and the assurance that privatization will not result in immediate price increases.

The government should ensure the ability of any subsequent contractors to finance an adequate fuel resupply, according to one of NATA's resolutions.

The members also want input to set priorities for airport capital spending.

They also passed a resolution that Transport Canada take action to enable float planes to carry external loads of properly-secured canoes, small boats and lumber. The association wants this changed in time for this summer.

Regulation of flights, duty times and what they mean for the North were also discussed.

NATA has consistently stressed that air carriers in northern Canada, like other seasonal and remote operators, need greater operational flexibility regarding flight and duty times.

The association met at the Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife for NATA's annual general meeting last week.