Census shows city population overblown
Yellowknife's population stood at 17,275 last year

by Richard Gleeson
Northern News Services

Yellowknife's population
City hall's guess....................17,706
NWT Bureau of Stats guess............18,164
Canadian Mortgage and Housing guess..17,600
1991 national census.................15,179 
1996 national census.................17,275

NNSL (Apr 16/97) -We've grown, but not as much as some thought we did.

Population figures just released by Statistics Canada show Yellowknife's population stood at 17,275 when the most recent national census was conducted last year.

That represents a 13.8 per cent increase over the five years since the previous national census.

The population of the NWT increased 11.7 per cent, to 64,402, during the same period.

Statistics Canada said population increases in both the NWT and Yukon were due to natural causes.

"In the Northwest Territories specifically, the increase was the result of high fertility rates and declining mortality rates among its aboriginal population."

Last year city hall said the city's population stood at 17,706. The NWT bureau of statistics counted a whopping 18,164, over five per cent more than it actually was.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation was closest of the three organizations, saying the city is home to 17,600.

But the "Just How Big is Yellowknife?" contest winner, to be announced Friday, had the most accurate estimate of all.