One very busy eight-year-old!
A child of the North is never bored

by Nancy Gardiner
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 16/97) - She skips and strides as fast as she can to keep pace with her two older sisters.

And later this month, she'll be singing "Merry Old Land of Oz" at NACC (the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre) with the school's junior choir in Yellowknife.

A Northern child, Norah Jeanne McNaughton was born eight years ago at Inuvik Regional Hospital.

After her mom Jeanne took her home, Norah was entertained by her two older sisters, Gillian and Chelsea, who delighted in her.

Norah is a good student. Her passion is music.

"We have practices at school like: ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bubble gum. And ya-ya-ya-ya-ya."

"In gym, I play stuff like British Bulldog, TV-tag -- you sit down and say a show if you're just about to get caught. And I play frozen tag."

Norah likes math games, too.

"I like math snap, times-table cards, take-away, plus flash-card games."

Norah's dad Dave lets her play on the computer at home.

"At home, I like to cook cookies. I also do chores like (clean) the living room and front hall. I like to play with my next-door neighbor."

If she hasn't done her chores, she hears her name stretched out: "Noraaaaaaah!" But that doesn't happen very often.

Norah says her important daily tasks are: her chores, paying attention in school, choir, music class and recess.

In spring and summer she transfers her fervor to zesty bike rides, swimming, picking flowers (roses) and swiping her mom's strawberries. She likes painting pictures, drawing and horses.

She also likes listening to Sailor Moon tapes, playing Monster Mash, Scrabble, cards, Checkers, Sorry, Trouble and Super Nintendo and playing with her dolls.

With her friends, she goes onto the rocks near her house "because there's a little thing (rock) that pops out and it's like a deck and I go and do my homework on.

"The only bone I ever broke was my tooth. I slipped on a rock and hit them. I have to wear a retainer now," she says, sounding like an octogenarian.

Norah concluded the interview by asking: "What was your biggest (longest) interview?"

I guess that depends if you include travel time ... in which case it would be a Sachs Harbour kidney-damaging, bumpy tour of the tundra in search of muskox.