Age limit unreasonable: cabbies
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NNSL (Apr 16/97) - Yellowknife taxi drivers were unanimous in their opposition to the age limit restriction being considered for their cabs by city council.

And their opposition boiled down to pure economics.

If taxi owners had to purchase new vehicles every five years, they would have no opportunity to make money on their investment.

Currently many taxis in Yellowknife are former police vehicles with three years of service.

"I signed papers in the last two days to purchase a bylaw car in Yellowknife," a cab driver told council.

"I'm making payments of $5,000 a year for two years. And after two years I will no longer have a car allowed on the road.

"It will take me at least four years to make a profit on my investment."

Those aren't the only issues facing local cabbies, however.

John Seagrave, administrator with City Cab, recently completed a survey of members of the Canadian Taxi Association and compared results to local realities.

He found:

  • Yellowknife cab drivers pay an average of 27.59 per cent more for gas than the other 26 companies surveyed;

  • Local cabbies make 11.52 per cent less on fares than their southern counterparts.

The companies he surveyed are located in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.