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Debut album for Rankin Inlet's Katuuitit now available

by Janet Smellie
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 14/97) - While they're still "too nervous" to venture over to the local store in Rankin Inlet to check out how their debut CD is doing, members of Katuutiit are excited about its release.

Our Early Childhood, the first album released by Rankin Inlet's own country-rock band, was released two weeks ago.

Noah Tiktak, who sings and plays keyboards, harmonica and percussion for the band, said 1,000 CDs and cassettes are now available throughout the North.

"I'm excited and nervous ... it's something big and very new at the same time. It was released last week and copies were in our local store by the weekend. But I'm too nervous to go and check it out," Tiktak said.

I know people said they would buy copies, but I'm too nervous to go and find out."

Tiktak, whose songwriting partner and fellow vocalist is Leo Subgut, said the title for the album comes from the first song the pair wrote together.

The pair have been writing songs together since 1983, and while their original band with women members broke up, they managed to form Katuutiit and stay strong since 1994.

The band features Luke Angidlik on bass, John Taipana on electric guitar and young Henry Kapuk on drums, who's now 17.

Dedicating the album to Charmaine and Becky, Tiktak's young daughters, he hopes the album will inspire young people to "stay out of trouble," and chase their dreams.

"If we can do it, anyone can. Just grab your dream and follow it. There's so much talent out there. That's why we named our band Katuutiit, which means a traditional drummer. We've got to keep the beat going and help young people grab their dreams. Whatever they may be. They have to have faith they can do it."

Katuutiit has applied to perform at Folk on the Rocks but have yet to find out whether they'll play. Tiktak also is hoping the band will travel to Cambridge Bay this July for a new music festival put on by the community.

"We're also hoping to play here at our local hamlet days," he said.

The CD was recorded at Spiritwalker Productions in Yellowknife. Owner Norm Glowach co-produced the CD as well as played drums and percussion, Tiktak says

"Norm's not only a really good guy, but he's a great musician. He helped us a lot and we learned a lot."

"We also couldn't have made this without the support of the NWT Arts Council. The grant we received helped us go towards are recording in Yellowknife and we really appreciate the support."

Cassettes sell for $12 and CDs for $18. Orders can be made by contacting Subgut or Tiktak at the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation office in Rankin Inlet.