$500,000 for Inuvik
Town to have control over how youth funding is spent

by Chris Meyers Almey
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 11/97) - Ethel Blondin-Andrew announced last week during a visit to Inuvik that the federal government would be spending $500,000 on youth in the Beaufort Delta.

Then, days later at a conference in Tuktoyaktuk, Blondin (left) said the government would be spending $120,000 over the next two years to link youth in Inuvialuit communities.

The money will be administered by the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, and be used for equipment and training to connect the communities via the Internet.

Last week in a radio interview in Inuvik following a series of three workshops in Inuvik, Blondin-Andrew said:

"We are making funds available for that time period," referring to April through September, when educational facilities are closed and students need jobs.

Saturday night the Western Arctic MP said the government is "committed to funding" a "special initiative for the Inuvik area."

An inter-agency strategy on how to spend the money on youth is being developed, she said.

One thought is the money would be spent through summer camps, combined with small parks in the Beaufort Delta, Blondin-Andrew said.

The community of Inuvik is to come up with the direction for the program and how the money will be spent.

Monday, Barb Brown of the NWT Community Mobilization Partnership and Job Development Strategy said that community groups met in Inuvik last Wednesday and Thursday, during the town hall meeting.

Brown outlined a long list of organizations and people who participated in the workshops. About 40 people from 20 to 30 years of age participated in a brainstorming session on Wednesday, followed the next day by a younger group from grades 8 to 11.

"We are looking at putting together a draft in 10 days to two weeks," Brown said.