'Big issues' meeting March 24
Public session planned to consider major topics facing Inuvik

by Glenn Taylor
Northern News Services

INUVIK (Mar 07/97) - Town council is worried that while it spends its time arguing over dog bylaws and taxi fares, the big issues will slip by without comment.

That's why March 24 has been set aside for a public meeting with town council - to give residents a chance to voice their concerns about major issues and trends facing the town in the future.

Councillor David Connelly suggested the meeting last week as a way to "get us above the dogs and the taxis and the stuff we usually deal with and get us on to the future - time is ticking by."

The idea for the meeting began after councillor Joey Amos told about an incident at SAM school that left someone in his family bloodied at the hands of a bully. Amos expressed concern that the town council needs to confront school violence head on.

At first, council considered that a public meeting should be held just to discuss violence at schools. Councillor Derek Lindsay said children with fetal alcohol syndrome and effects are "causing riots" at school and "teachers are scared. Basically, these kids don't know what they're doing. It's a very serious situation."

"It's a parenting issue as well," added councillor Eddie Kolausok. "It's time leadership got its hands dirty."

Council decided instead to set aside the March 24 meeting to discuss all the major issues, including government cuts and self-government.

If council fails to address the big issues, "what's our landmark going to be?" asked councillor Connelly.