The quick kill
Trappers to discuss problems with conibear trap

by Jeff Colbourne
Northern News Services

ARVIAT (Mar 05/97) - Hunters and wildlife officials from around the Keewatin are meeting in Arviat this week to discuss developments in the trapping and fur industry.

One of the expected hot ticket is the unpopularity of quick-kill conibear traps.

"The conibear trap hasn't been used in the past," said Bobby Suluk.

He is with the conservation education and regional support division of resources, wildlife and economic development.

"The trap itself is made very strong and there's problems in setting the trap," he added.

The conibear trap, which replaced the leg-hold trap a couple of years ago, is supposed to be more humane.

It kills quickly before the animal struggles and suffers. It also results in a cleaner fur, one that is not bloody or soiled with dirt.

Suluk said trappers also say the conibear trap kills other animals besides foxes.

Despite this and other reasons against the use of quick-kill traps, Suluk figures the conibear is a better trap.

He intends to get this point across at the workshop.

"I think they're having a hard time adjusting to it. But eventually when they start using it more it will become easier."

At the workshop, wildlife officials will demonstrate how the quick-kill trap works.

Besides trapping techniques, discussions will take place on pricing policy and the status of the European fur market.

Suluk said this year prices are really good and there's increased trapping activity throughout the region as more young people become interested in trapping.

Hunters and trappers will also be shown how to properly clean ox to guarantee the best quality and the best price.

"It's going to be a very important meeting because it's the first time RWED and trappers have got together to talk about trapping in the Keewatin region," Suluk said.