Fort Liard residents call for election
Community meeting puts heat on band council

by Ralph Plath
Northern News Services

FORT LIARD (Mar 20/97) - A group of Fort Liard residents voiced its concerns about the band council at a recent community meeting.

More than 30 residents showed up for the meeting along with Deh Cho Grand Chief Gerry Antoine (left). Residents complained that there was only a chief and two councillors, which isn't enough members to make a quorum.

"How can they pass any decisions?" said meeting organizer Elizabeth Bertrand.

Residents also said the band council hasn't held a public meeting since March 14 of last year.

One person repeatedly said it felt like the community didn't have any leadership because an election was supposed to have been called last fall.

A councillor did attend the meeting but Bertrand said many of the residents' questions couldn't be answered.

Bertrand was told by Chief Harry Deneron that residents who have concerns can talk with him or the councillors at the band office at any time.

"But with so many concerns, one person at a time going to the band office cannot resolve all the community concerns," Bertrand said.

Bertrand said there is a lack of communication within the community and residents are asking for an election of the chief and councillors.

Bertrand and other residents are currently seeking election rules and regulations from the Deh Cho district tri-council.

Chief Harry Deneron couldn't be reached for comment at press time.