A massive learning experience
Teachers across the North gather in Yellowknife

by Jennifer Pritchett
Northern News Services

NNSL (Feb 07/97) - More than 450 teachers from across the North will gather in Yellowknife next week to educate themselves on the latest teaching techniques.

"The more you know, the more you can pass on to the children," said Wilma Roosdahl, co-chair of the event, which is sponsored by J.H. Sissons school.

Highlights of this year's convention include new ways of teaching reading and writing, computer skills, and new math instruction.

"There are 30 speakers and 30 presentations," said Marion Barnes, co-chair. "It's not just another PD (professional development) day."

Roosdahl said that teachers have to be learning new techniques all the time to keep up with a changing world.

"It's necessary so that we can give students the confidence to tackle anything," he said.

The two-day workshop gets under way Feb. 13 and will also give parents an opportunity to get information about what's happening in schools on Thursday night.

Chris Johnson, who's the conference's keynote speaker, will discuss how parents, teachers and the community can promote positive attitudes in children. And Bob Spencler will offer strategies in the home and school for children who have severe learning and behavioral problems.

"We now work in partnership with our parents," said Barnes. "It's a nice idea for all of us to share in the same information. Education is now much bigger than the classroom."

She also stresses the importance of simply getting together with other teachers and professionals who play a role in the education system.

"It's a time when teachers can get together and have a professional chit chat," said Barnes.