Nunavut summit briefs
Northern News Services

NNSL - Feisty Minister of Finance John Todd (left) was accused of having closed ears and acting like a dictator.

"I don't give a damn what you take exception to, John," fired back Ron Irwin after Todd misinterpreted, and reacted to, a statement the DIAND minister had made.

"You better open up your ears and listen to what I'm saying."

When Todd called attention to NIC leader and gender-parity champion John Amagoalik advising secretary-treasurer Clara O'Gorman, Amagoalik asked loudly, "What are you, a dictator?"

Todd did not respond.

NNSL -Premier Don Morin (left) was criticized by NTI and NIC members for his lack of leadership during the summit.

"Since when did he become premier for the western territory only?" asked NIC commissioner Peter Ernerk at one point.

"Peter Ernerk knows how the legislature works -- he was a member," said Morin during a break in the debate.

"Us dealing with Nunavut would be the same as the Nunavut caucus telling the Gwich'in how to run their government."

But Morin did not hesitate to get involved when the question of who would pay the estimated $400,000 it would cost for a plebiscite on gender parity arose.

The federal government would, he said.

NNSL - Women's groups did not have a place at the table, but the youth of Nunavut did.

Though he had no table of officials backing him up, as each other group at the table did, youth delegate Jimmy Onalik provided some of the most constructive commentary to emerge from the meeting.