Want to buy a watch?
Auction everything from soup to singers

by Marty Brown
Northern News Services

NNSL (NOV 15/96) - Looking for trips, Oilers hockey tickets, an oil change, perhaps a work of art or private ballroom dancing lessons?

If you want a chance to buy unique Christmas presents, treat your self to a trip or an experience of a lifetime, as well has help out your neighbor, the 17th annual Celebrity Auction at the Explorer Hotel is the place to be Nov. 23.

Two months ago appeals went out to businesses, once again hoping for a donation of merchandise or cash.

Once again Yellowknifers answered the call and donated everything from walnut tortes to road kill chili for 15 (which in reality is a keg-and-chili party for 15).

"I know that Yellowknifers are very, very generous. So far they've donated items, cash and time. Nearly 100 volunteers are helping," said organizer Penny Canaday.

Canaday wanted unique and interesting merchandise so she put together different packages combining donated items such as a music-while-you-sleep package -- a combination of a clock-radio and sleeping bag.

There's an engagement package, including flowers and a portrait sitting, and a pet package with a pet couch, kitty litter, grooming and five one-hour dog walks, all donated by different businesses. There is definitely something for everyone.

"I have no shame asking people for donations," Canaday said. "With government cut-backs, the money raised at the auction ensures the council will be able to continue programs, support individuals, carry on with education and provide advocacy for the disabled."

Auctioneers Mel Stroeder and Tony Whitford will once again try to get as much money as possible for the worthy cause.