Winter Winter has arrived
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

by Kristin Green
Northern News Services

NNSL (OCT 30/96) - It's time to pack up those skateboards, hang up those rollerblades, and store your shorts. Winter has arrived.

With winter comes the building of snow forts, and trying to get people to pass by so you can pelt them with snowballs.

It's a chance to hop on your ski-doo and find those hidden paths you've heard about. It's also a time for you to make that snowman you've been dreaming about all summer.

Ice Sports

Get ready to hit the ice for more activities. By the time winter has settled in, most ice sports from hockey to ringette have started up. If you're interested in trying out for any of these, the City of Yellowknife may have some information.

If you're not into organized leagues, and you just want to get onto the ice, there are public skates usually held at the Gerry Murphy Arena.

Check the papers for more details.

If that doesn't interest you, there should be an ice rink in a neighborhood near you, courtesy of the City of Yellowknife. Oh wait, can't forget the YK ski club, which of course is not an ice sport but is just as fun.


Most people think winter is the down side. Since we can't do much about that we can always curl up in our favorite blanket watching TV or drink hot chocolate while enjoying your favorite book. Of course, we never get unexpected holidays.

We should be used to the -40 C with wind chill making it feel like - 60, but we're not. When it gets that cold do we get to stay home?

No, the only thing that happens is our parents tell us to dress warm and we get to have an indoor recess, which can be pretty cool. Of course, in the long run that makes us appreciate the little bit of summer we have.

Do you live in igloos?

Whenever we go down south and are asked where we live and when we say Yellowknife, NWT, we always get strange looks. Then the questions start.

Do you live in igloos? Do you see polar bears? That's when we say, yes we live in igloos, drive ski-doos to work, have polar bears for pets, take dogsleds to work, and warn them to never eat yellow snow. Of course, if people believe us then they aren't too bright.

All in all, the winters aren't too bad up here. It can be pretty exciting waking up to newly fallen snow. Parents think, "Great, now I have to start the car that much earlier." Of course, the kids like to think, "Yes! Snow that has yet to be explored."

And then there are those clear winter nights when you can see the Northern Lights and that can even make people who don't like winter, appreciate it for just that little bit.