Justice: Stalking Probation for stalking
Man followed woman for nearly two months

NNSL (OCT 30/96) - A territorial court judge has sentenced a local man to two years probation for stalking a woman all summer.

In addition, Judge Thomas Davis ordered Donald Higgins to stay away from the woman, her residence and her place of business for the duration of his sentence.

Davis convicted Higgins of criminal harassment on Oct. 16.

Police charged him with the offence on Aug. 8, after a woman complained that Higgins had been following her since mid-May.

At a Sept. 10 hearing into the charge, Higgins pleaded not guilty to the charge and refused the help of a lawyer.

"This is all false information," Higgins told the court.

A Crown lawyer said Higgins had followed the woman from place to place, watched her business and home and contacted her directly and indirectly from May 18 until Aug. 7.

At the time, Judge Brian Bruser ordered the man to stay at least 100 metres away from the complainant, her home or her business and not to contact her until the charge was dealt with.