Aviation God is his co-pilot
NNSL (OCT 25/96) - Mark Robertson has 10 kids, flies an airplane and runs a Baptist church.

Robertson and his family moved from Uranium City, Sask., to Yellowknife in July to start an independent Baptist church in town.

In Uranium City Robertson started a Baptist ministry and a Bible camp.

He bought some old, run-down buildings for $500 at a nearby lake and fixed them up. Years ago the buildings housed the Beacon Bible camp.

The Robertsons decided to keep the name of the camp and every June and July for the past six years they ran a Bible camp and played host to as many as 65 children. Their church had a regular congregation of about 35 people, even if it wasn't in tip-top shape.

"The building where the services were held had holes in the roof and if you didn't know where to sit you would get wet when it rained," said Robertson.

Uranium City has a population of about 200 people and the Robertson's couldn't get all the supplies they needed locally.

So Robertson would fly down to Fort McMurray once a month in his Cessna 337 and get supplies for the family and the Bible camp.

"I also flew to places like Fond-du-Lac, Stony Rapids and Camsell Portage in Saskatchewan, to transport kids to and from the Bible camp," said Robertson.

Although Carla had some help with the cooking and household duties, she was

the main cook for the

camp and her family.

"Our two youngest children were born near the end of the Bible camp seasons and at one point I was cooking for about 65 people on an apartment-size stove while pregnant," said Carla.

In addition to teaching Sunday School every week, Carla also teaches all of her children at home.

"The two oldest children are now attending college in the United States and doing well, one is in nursing and the other is in elementary education," said Carla.

Robertson sold the Cessna when the family moved to Yellowknife but he'll looking for another one soon.

"I love flying and I had the Cessna for 12 or 13 years. But I am more concerned about establishing the church and possibly a Bible camp right now." said Robertson.

The second day of services at the Central Arctic Baptist Church will be held this Sunday at the Montessori School on 52nd Street. Services are 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.