Church Arctic Diocese HQ leaves south
Handier for Anglican bishop
NNSL (OCT 16/96) - The head office of The Diocese of the Arctic has moved to Yellowknife after being in Toronto for 63 years.

"We are emptying boxes, moving things in and getting organized," said Patrick Scott, diocese executive officer.

Scott was helping Bishop Christopher Williams settle into a house adjacent Holy Trinity Church.

Treasurer Dorothy MacLeod was the only person to move to Yellowknife from Toronto.

"We have felt for a long time that the head office should be located in the Northwest Territories," said Williams.

"I'm able to spend more time in the office now that it's moved to Yellowknife," said Williams, who moved from Iqaluit in September.

"There's 51 congregations in the diocese including 12 Inuit ministers who still conduct services in their own aboriginal language," he said.

During the last week in November an executive committee meeting of the diocese will take place in Yellowknife.