Sea lift: Grise Fiord Worker injuries show increase
Mining continued to have one of the highest injury rates in the NWT
NNSL (OCT 14/96) - More workers in the NWT are getting hurt on the job, the Workers' Compensation Board's 1995 annual report shows.

Last year 3,608 injury claims were accepted by the board, up from the 3,530 in 1994, although the total number of claims reported dropped slightly.

In 1995, 3,871 claims were reported, down from 3,903 in 1994.

However, 1,837 claims did not result in any time lost from work compared with 1,691 no-time-loss claims filed in 1994.

The number of claims that have resulted in time lost from work in 1995 remained about the same as 1994 at 1,000.

Of the claims filed, 55 per cent came from the Fort Smith region, home to the highest concentration of economic activity.

The Baffin region had the second-highest rate, accounting for 17 per cent of the claims, followed by the Kitikmeot region at 12 per cent, the Inuvik region at eight per cent and the Keewatin region at four per cent.

Construction, mining, truck driving, cooking, shelf-stocking personnel, and auto mechanics account for the highest number of time loss claims.

The most common injuries that accounted for time loss claims were: sprains, strains, tears, 1,132; cuts, lacerations, 765; bruises, 727; and abrasions, 307.